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(OBQ11-249) A 15-year-old soccer player complains of bilateral hip pain. The pain is worse with activity and she notices that she has fatigue and pain that extends to the thighs and knees following a soccer match. She is nontender at the pubis symphysis and has no pain with resisted abdominal crunches. She has no pain with adduction of the hip. Hip flexion and rotation is normal. A radiograph of the right hip is shown in Figure A. Which of the following surgical interventions is best indicated? REVIEW TOPIC
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1. Single innominate osteotomy (Salter)
2. Double innominate osteotomy
3. Peri-acetabular osteotomy (Ganz)
4. Triple innominate osteotomy (Steele)
5. Dega osteotomy