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(OBQ12-161) A 46-year-old male falls 15 feet from a ladder while working. He presents with the radiographs shown in Figures A and B. The injury is closed, and soft tissues are intact upon arrival. Which of the following treatment regimens has been shown to decrease wound complications in the definitive management of these injuries? REVIEW TOPIC
FIGURES: A   B        

1. Immediate definitive fixation of the tibia, and nonoperative treatment of the fibula
2. Immediate plate fixation of the fibula and placement of a ankle-spanning external fixation device, followed by delayed reconstruction of the tibia
3. Placement of a temporary splint, elevation, and definitive fixation 1 week from injury
4. Immediate definitive fixation of the tibia and fibula
5. Immediate placement of a spanning Ilizarov fixator with limited internal fixation of the distal tibia and fibula