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(OBQ12-106) A 79-year old female sustains a low energy fall and is hospitalized for low back pain that prevents her from ambulating. She denies any symptoms of buttock or leg pain. On physical exam she has point tenderness over the T12 vertebral body. Examination of her lower extremities is normal. Radiographs are shown in Figure A and B. An MRI is performed which shows signal intensity within the T12 vertebral body on T2-weighted images and no evidence of retropulsion or spinal cord compression. Which of the following statements is true regarding this injury pattern? REVIEW TOPIC
FIGURES: A   B        

1. There is no association between this fracture and future osteoporotic fragility fractures.
2. Prospective, randomized, double blinded studies have recently showed improvement with vertebroplasty.
3. 2-year mortality rates are roughly equivalent to those associated with hip fractures.
4. This fracture results in chronic back pain in the majority of patients regardless of treatment.
5. Neurologic deterioration is a common complication with this injury pattern.