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(OBQ10-217) A 27-year-old female sustains a twisting injury to her leg while rollerblading. Radiographs of the tibia and fibula are provide in Figures A and B. A closed reduction is performed and the patient is placed in a long leg cast. Radiographs following cast placement are provided in Figures C and D. The decision is made to proceed with closed treatment instead of operative. Which of the following is most likely to occur with nonoperative management? REVIEW TOPIC
FIGURES: A   B   C   D    

1. Malunion due to unacceptable coronal alignment
2. Malunion due to unacceptable sagittal alignment
3. Fracture displacement due to the mechanism of injury
4. Fracture displacement due to the age of the patient
5. Shortening due to the oblique nature of the tibia fracture