Feature Question

(OBQ11-186) A 67-year-old male with severe hip arthritis presents for evaluation of a total hip arthroplasty. The patient is requesting a minimally invasive Watson-Jones approach, as he has heard post-operative mobility is significantly improved compared with a traditional transgluteal technique. What should the patient be told to expect regarding early post-operative gait kinematics when comparing these surgical approaches? REVIEW TOPIC

1. The minimally invasive Watson-Jones approach results in improved gait velocity, cadence, and step length
2. There is no difference in early gait kinematics between the two approaches
3. The minimally invasive Watson-Jones approach results decreased gait velocity and stride length
4. The traditional transgluteal approach results in worse early gait kinematics
5. Early gait kinematics is dependent only on the type of prosthesis used, not surgical approach