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(OBQ05-233) A 24-year-old man who sustained a gunshot wound to the abdomen ten hours earlier was brought to the emergency department. On physical examination he was found to have 4 of 5 weakness in his bilateral lower extremities. Radiographs are shown in Figure A. Computed tomography of the lumbar spine showed retained missile in the vertebral body and paraspinal soft tissues, but not within the spinal canal. His FAST was positive and he underwent an emergent exploratory laparotomy where an injury to the cecum was identified and treated. Management should now include which of the following? REVIEW TOPIC
FIGURES: A          

1. Bullet fragment removal from a transabdominal approach
2. Bullet fragment removal from a retroperitoneal approach
3. Broad-spectrum oral antibiotics for 3-5 days
4. Broad-spectrum intravenous antibiotics for 7-14 days
5. IV methylprednisolone at 5.4mg/kg/h for 48 hours