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(OBQ13-114) A mother brings in her 10-week-old infant with a knee deformity. The child had previously been treated with serial casting in flexion for 1 month at an outside facility. Examination reveals passive hyperextension to 25° and passive flexion to 15° as seen in Figures A and B respectively. A radiograph of the knee is seen in Figure C. What is the most appropriate next step in treatment? REVIEW TOPIC
FIGURES: A   B   C      

1. Serial above-knee casting in extension for 4 weeks.
2. Serial above-knee casting in flexion for 4 weeks.
3. Arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament division, followed by above-knee casting
4. Percutaneous quadriceps recession, followed by above-knee casting
5. Open VY quadriceps plasty, followed by above-knee casting