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(OBQ13-108) When performing a total knee arthroplasty on a 60-year-old female patient, a surgeon chooses not to resurface the patella. Instead, he performs a patelloplasty by excising the marginal osteophytes and reshaping the patella. All of the following statements comparing the results of patelloplasty to patella resurfacing are true EXCEPT: REVIEW TOPIC

1. There is no difference in relative risk of anterior knee pain.
2. There is no difference in relative risk for revision surgery involving the tibial and femoral components.
3. There is an increased risk that she will need secondary resurfacing.
4. Current literature indicates no difference in the rate of patellar fractures, avascular necrosis, patellar tendon injury.
5. Total knee arthroplasty improved function regardless of whether the patella was resurfaced.